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While surfing the TV channels; I stumbled upon a TV show called “Eureka”.  Using Netflix I marathoned through most of the first season.   Gearing up for a fourth season, “Eureka” is about a small town in northwestern California with the … Continue reading

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Caroline and Her Friends

Blogger “In Your Shoes” posted a story this week about childhood visits to the library.  Reading the post stirred my memories of the tiny colonial period house that served as the library in the small town where I grew up.   … Continue reading

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Do you have an eBook?

Do you have an eBook (or tablet)?    While at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES2011) this year, CNET summed up the tablet’s future by saying it is one of the three devices (smart phones, connected TV, tablets) that will grab … Continue reading

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Audio Book Anyone?

Thanks to everyone who commented on my first blog post last week.  Good karma will come your way soon.  Keep reading This Common Reader and share it with others.  The Audio Book   One friend has commented that he reads through … Continue reading

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“I tweet, therefore I am”

If I don’t tweet, does it mean that I do not exist?   I am stepping into the 21st Century and learning to communicate in a new way, by using the application Twitter.   This amazing form of communication lets me know … Continue reading

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