Declaration of Independence, First Leaders, and Goose Bumps Abound


Integrated into my DNA is the autonomic reflex to break out in goose bumps whenever I recite the Pledge of Allegiance, hear our national anthem or read great works of inspiration.  Every 4th of July, I start the day’s celebration by listening to the NPR’s Morning Edition staff and guests read the Declaration of Independence -lots of goose bumps.   

Over two hundred years ago a group of remarkable individuals ignited a revolution by using common words.  Through bold proclamations our country’s First Leaders unified groups of diverse people by identifying common ground – personal freedom and freedom from tyranny.

Doug Moran’s If You Will Lead examines the characteristics and traits of great leaders like our country’s founders. He begins by asking the question, “Do we have a leadership crisis?” or, in other words, where are the 21st century’s First Leaders?

 The poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling is the author’s muse as he ponders how to become a 21st century leader.  The systematic way in which Mr. Moran uses the poem’s lines to describe leadership attributes makes for easy reading and an enjoyable revisit to one of the most inspirational poems ever written-more goose bumps.

Using his “If” Sixteen Leadership Framework, Mr. Moran cites examples of actions of many great leaders.  Then he shows us how we can practice becoming good leaders in our daily lives.   He challenges us by saying “Now, will you choose to lead?”

If You Will Lead is a book about self-discovery and personal development. Inspired by a poem written by a Brit, this American writer shows how one can learn to lead others in discovering common ground for solutions to our country’s 21st century challenges.  This makes Doug Moran a First Leader in my book.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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