Hot Yoga! Bikram Cool!


With cooler weather approaching, it’s time to move the physical activities indoors.  My favorite inside exercise is Bikram [pronounced BEEK-ram] Yoga.  What is Bikram Yoga?  Bikram Choudhury’s series of twenty-six hatha yoga postures, or asanas, are practiced for ninety minutes in a room heated to at least 100 degrees. The book Bikram’s
Beginning Yoga Class
illustrates each posture. It explains Bikram’s philosophy on breathing, doing the posture the correct way, and why the heated room.


Bikram Choundhury

For Bikram, business is booming.  He has Americanized a four thousand year old Indian discipline by offering his unique program of twenty-six yoga postures as a franchise. Visit any primary or secondary market city in the US and find one, two or more of the “hot yoga” studios.

Living a colorful lifestyle in Hollywood since the 1970’s,
Mr. Choudhury has been called the “bad boy of yoga”. He has criticized other hatha yoga teaching styles and methods adapted for the Western world.  His is the only method which uses a heated room and a repetition of the same postures within each session. There has been some discussion about the use of extreme heat, but the strongest disclaimers simply urge seeking a doctor’s advice if you are pregnant or taking medications.

You can buy Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class on Amazon or, better yet, you can check out a class at the local Bikram Yoga studio.  Garland Hume and Tighe Antrim operate the Richmond, Virginia franchise.  They offer classes, tips on staying healthy, and
books about Bikram’s philosophy on yoga. If you “like” Bikram Yoga Richmond on Facebook, then the Richmond team will keep you informed about programs and practices scheduled at their West End and Stony Point locations.

And if you like to sweat while it’s cold outside, see you in the hot yoga room this winter.


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