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If you are not a morning person, you are missing out.  But thanks to the Internet, you can go online and listen anytime to Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac.

My local public radio station broadcasts The Writer’s Almanac each morning around 5:00 am.  After reading the almanac’s daily literary entries, Mr. Keillor recites a poem.  In his wonderful baritone, he delivers words with warmth like that which infuses your morning bed at that too early hour.

If you like listening to someone reading poetry, find Mr. Keillor at five in the morning or on his website at any hour.

Read Monday, January 2nd’s post.  Winter Thanks  by Marcus Jackson

Winter Thanks by Marcus Jackson

To the furnance – tall, steel rectangle                                                                                         containing a flawless flame.                                                                                                               To heat

gliding through ducts, our babies                                                                                                          asleep like bundled opal.                                                                                                                    Praise

every furry grain of every                                                                                                                     warm hour, praise each                                                                                                                          deflection of frost,

praise the fluent veins, praise                                                                                                                the repair person, trudging                                                                                                                    in a Carhartt coat

to dig for leaky lines, praise                                                                                                                   the equator, where snow                                                                                                                       is a stranger,

praise the eminent sun                                                                                                                            for letting us orbs buzz around it                                                                                                           like younger brothers,

praise the shooter’s pistol                                                                                                                        for silencing its fire by                                                                                                                              reason of a chilly chamber

praise our ancestors who shuddered                                                                                                   through winters, bunched                                                                                                                       on stark bunks,

praise the owed money                                                                                                                          becoming postponed by a lender                                                                                                         who won’t wait

much longer in the icy wind,                                                                                                                 praise the neon antifreeze                                                                                                                      in  our Chevrolet radiator,

and praise the kettle whistle,                                                                                                             imitating an important train,                                                                                                               delivering us

these steam-brimmed sips of tea.

“Winter Thanks” by Marcus Jackson, from Neighborhood Register. Cavan Kerry Press, 2011.


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