Peace on Earth, David Sedaris Style


David Sedaris

If Seinfeld is a show about nothing, then David Sedaris’s essays are musings on the same topic. The humorist has been scribbling about bellybutton lint and other life oddities since courdory jackets were hip.

SantaLand DiariesHis big break came in 1992 when National Public Radio asked him to read from his SantaLand Diaries about his adventures as a “low-key sort of elf” named Crumpet. I became an instant fan when he sang Away in a Manager, Billie Holliday style.

Like an unscripted recording of modern life, Mr. Sedaris’s works are dioramic exhibitions of his everyday experiences. His narratives hold nothing back. They convey blinding truths, realities which come with a spectrum of emotions from happy and funny to sadness and anxiety to full on distress.

Passages in his stories coax me to laugh out loud. And there are times when his more poignant essays cause a cloud of gray funk to float over my head for days. Some just have it all, like the accounting of the loss of a sibling.

Sedaris BooksHis style of humor is grounded in the paradoxes of daily existence, forcing us to see the absurdity of our seriousness and notions of self-importance. To further the cause of peace on earth this holiday season, read Mr. Sedaris’s fables about nothing.


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